Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI…

Spelling. My teaching nemesis. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of teaching it – probably because I haven’t found anything that works.

However, one thing that does seem to stick (for at least a few words!) are silly mnemonics or quirky rhymes that help the children remember. Thanks to my mum, when writing the word rhythm, I always recall an odd mnemonic she told me when I was younger. I even remember exactly when she told me – we were in the car, on the way to school, and I told her about this one word I could never remember how to spell. Thinking of this recently prompted the following tweet:

So many people replied (thank you everyone!), so I have collated them here in case they are useful to anyone else. If anyone has any more, particularly for those pesky words on the Year 5/6 (or Year 3/4) word list, then please tweet me so I can add them on!

Accommodation: 2 double rooms (@4321jc) / Cosy Cottage, Massive Mansion (me!)

Accident: if you have a car accident, it may dent your car (@mrsbteachy)

Affect/effect: (@missnolan91)

Believe: don’t believe the lie(@lissylawhuds)

Could/should/would: O U Little Devil (@emily489)

Dessert: double S because with dessert, you always want seconds (@misshuby23)

Diarrhoea: Done In A Rush Right Here Or Else Accident (@chrisjames_78)

Friend: I am your friend until the end(@emily489)

Here/hear: (@missnolan91)

Incubated: a man in Cuba called Ted (@charlotteraby)

Island: an island IS LAND surrounded by water (@rachelorr)

Mention: MEN, put your TIe ON (@mrsbteachy)

Necessary: Never Eat Cake Eat Salmon Sandwiches And Raspberry Yoghurt (@lifeatthenest) / 1 coffee 2 sugars (@sarahdrayton1) / 1 collar 2 sleeves (me!)

Off: (@missnolan91)

Onomatopoeia: as it’s phonetic until the P, you can then use Onomatopoeia Ends In A (@kateowbridge)

Peace/piece: (@missnolan91)

People: People Eat Oranges, People Like Eggs (@creativecards_) / Put Eggs On Plate, Let’s Eat (@slbsamantha)

Possession: it possesses a lot of Ss! (@siancumming1)

Queue: it’s a queue of ue ue (@simbo442)

Rhythm: Rhythm Helps Your Two Hope Move (@simbo442) / Run Home, Your Teacher Has Measles (@jeniwren87)

Said: Small Ants In Danger (@peinkoffer) / Sausages Are Incredibly Delicious (@nohandsup)

Separate: I want to separate myself from a rat! (@jam272)

Speech: (@missnolan91)

There/their: (@missnolan91 and @thinkpix_suze)

Too/to: (@thinkpix_suze)


Author: missiebee1

Year 6 teacher.

13 thoughts on “Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI…”

  1. Thank you so much for this! Got a 2nd grader who often has trouble with things like this. I was running out of ideas!!

    (One I used last year was pronouncing ‘sheep’ like I was bleating. ‘sheeeeep!’ reminded her there were 2 e’s! )


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